Let nature nurture you

Let the nature nurture you!! Uplift your mind and mood!!

Let the nature nurture you!! Uplift your mind health and mood!!
Spending just 20-30 minutes in nature can be beneficial for the mental health and wellbeing, making us feel calmer, less stressed and less worried. The nature walks help reduce the levels of stress hormone cortisol and encourage the release of endorphins, body’s feel good chemicals. No matter how busy you are, treat yourself with kindness and for your own good, make a conscious effort to get closer to woods. Autumn is the perfect time to be outdoors, for visiting green spaces and mindful walks. Refreshingly crisp air makes you feel alive and who wouldn’t enjoy nature’s glory as the trees are exploding with colours!!
For those who find it difficult to access green spaces why not bring the outdoors in? That’s right, keep some plants indoors! The benefits of keeping plants indoors is that not only they reduce indoor pollution but also enhance memory, concentration, creativity and productivity. Besides, the greenery looks aesthetically pleasing – an added bonus! In one study 90% people agreed they felt much calmer and less anxious after spending time in nature.
It is clear that we feel better, our mood uplifts and we feel less stressed when we are around plants. Spending time in nature is clearly one of the easier yet effective ways of maintaining good physical and mental health for its astoundingly positive effects on our mind and mood!!

One thought on “Let nature nurture you

  1. This is a community health initiative Dr. Suchita….exploring natural alternatives to improve mental health. Your involvement will inspire the utilization of parks, trails, and open space for the purpose of improving individual and community health.


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