“I found doing the different
aspects of mindfulness regularly
does help and the more you do them the easier it becomes”.

“Dear Suchita, thank you for your talk on the neuroplasticity and mindfulness at our Wellbeingmind Mindfulness Retreat at Hazlewood Castle on Sunday, your session was interesting and informative and was really well received by all of our clients. You speak with such passion and you are clearly very knowledgeable on the subject of Mindfulness, this is the third time you have been a guest speaker at our retreats and we will most certainly be delighted to work with you again in the future” – Sharon Conway, Director Wellbeingmind Ltd

“Suchita is very knowledgeable and passionate about mindfulness and that really comes across during the sessions. I can totally see the value of mindfulness now and am determined to continue it in my every day life. Thank you.” – A

“I had the pleasure of attending Dr Suchita Karthik’s mindfulness workshop; Overcoming negative thoughts & counterproductive habits, While visiting Leeds, UK, in May 2019. This has been an eye-opener and rejuvenating experience.
It has helped me to calm my inner self in stressful work & family situations.
It gave me an insight into mindfulness, which allowed me to educate my patients in my primary care clinic in the USA. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to achieve inner calmness and control the mind’s non-stop chatter!!
Thank you for your easy to understand workshop!!!!” – Dr S Jere, USA

“I do seem to be sleeping a little better”

“I found the individual and group sessions very helpful and relaxing.
I suffer from severe chronic pain
but when doing some of the individual sessions myself particularly when trying to get sleep was the most beneficial.
It is important to do regularly to
gain the best outcome”- Beverley

I really enjoyed the 8 week course and gained a lot from the sessions. I feel more relaxed and generally calmer as a result of the course. I am much quicker at recognising my unhelpful thoughts and letting them go without judgement” G

“Felt very relaxed

“I enjoyed the relaxation process of mindfulness sessions which blocked my mind from negative thoughts & focused my mind on the sounds and breathing”

 “Useful as I learnt techniques to deal with negative thoughts”

“Body scan helped to locate & reduce pain”

“I enjoyed learning how to relax and focus on breathing and other body parts we sometimes neglect”