Great minds don’t think alike

Difference of opinion is many a times cause for arguments at personal, social or work environment. Difference in viewpoint can lead to confrontation. When two people see things differently it can lead to one person insisting they are right and the other person should agree with them, more problematic if this is repetitive and persistent. Differences in thinking, in fact, can bring fresh perspective to the matter at hand. The situation can look a little different when viewed from the other side. We need to acknowledge that other side. Just like two sides of a coin, when looking from one side, you are aware of the existence of the other side but fail to see it. There will always be the other side to every situation or topic. Nobody is always right!

We form our beliefs based on our upbringing, our surroundings and our exposure to the external world. Many factors play a role in the way we think or behave or form opinions. Life experiences shape our view of the world around us which vary from person to person. And that means every person is different. Their backgrounds are different. Sometimes you may not even be aware of how you are dealing with a particular situation or your own reaction, verbal or non-verbal. During a conversation, you may never have heard of some topic and not sure how to respond, or may not have been in a similar situation before. And at times we limit ourselves by our own judgments, not thinking widely, or not thinking outside of the box. Blaming others or our own limited mind space for failing to understand them.

People can’t see beyond their own viewpoints or beliefs when overwhelmed by their own emotions. Heightened emotions work as a deterrent to any balanced conversation. In these situations, in no time, a pleasant dialogue can easily build into some form of discomfort or escalate into an argument. People can’t handle the situation well or their impulsive behaviour in the heat of the moment. As a result, they change their attitude towards the other person. They can stop verbal communication, avoid eye contact, harbour a feeling of dislike, or go to the extreme and sever the relationship – all leading to dissatisfaction and unpleasantness; completely ignoring the fact we can live alongside each other with all the differences of opinions or views.

We don’t always have to agree with the other person and neither the other person should insist on you agreeing with them on every matter. We ought to be tolerant of each other and accepting of our varied opinions. It is possible to strike a positive chord with each other and strengthen our personal bonds for great minds should think differently so that we all can see the other side. We all can live harmoniously alongside of each other in our personal relations or at work places, despite having differences, only when we start seeing past our own limitations. Let go of the impulse to grasp or push away certain experiences. Letting go doesn’t mean you are resigning or that you are disinterested, it merely means you are accepting things as they are, accepting of the other person with their opinions, beliefs and differences in order to move on, without harbouring ill feelings.

7 thoughts on “Great minds don’t think alike

  1. Good article 👍… something everyone can relate to in their own life.
    Reminded me of a recent argument my friend and I had over a misunderstanding. I usually am the level headed one who prevents a healthy discussion to escalate into an argument, but this one just got really sour with both of us, lashing out at each other. We patched up after 2 days and promised ourselves not to do that again🤞🤞.
    It is interesting that there is even a predictable pattern to escalation. Escalation is triggered when someone feels poked, threatened, or put down. Again, this may be something very small when you look back at it. It then escalates into something personal, and then something hurtful. In any relationship, including a marriage, there are three parties: ME, YOU and WE. What happens when we escalate is we lose track of the WE, sometimes we even destroy the WE.
    Simple fact is- winning an argument to satisfy one’s ego is not more important than a good friendship, simply not worth it!


  2. Absolutely well said! The process of de-escalating an argument is a great habit to have for everyone. Often times we convince ourselves that we are right because the other person does not understand us while in reality we don’t take the time to understand them.


  3. Well penned!! If we change our view point and are accepting of the difference of opinion , there will be less negativity in our lives!
    More time to care for ourselves , family and really to make this world a better place to LIVE….
    Keep Blogging!!!


  4. This is wonderful! Wish I had understood this this viewpoint earlier, sometimes we get stuck with our way of thinking and forget to understand where the other person is coming from. Certainly would have helped to know this back when I started my carrier. This would have led me come to a consensus and reduced my frustration.


  5. Very well and so correctly said which teaches to understand the things by every point of view


  6. Lovely writing. If only we could teach this in schools. Acceptance of differences, learning to embrace and learn from each other! 🙏🏽


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